shared wasabi implementation

Fabrice Colin fabrice.colin at
Thu Feb 15 20:14:29 PST 2007

On 2/16/07, Mikkel Kamstrup Erlandsen <mikkel.kamstrup at> wrote:
> Do you have any plans for a standard way of installing new filters? Wasabi
> could use this (as has also been mentioned on Gnomes desktop-devel-list).
For external filters, I have shamelessly borrowed Beagle's external-filters.xml
with some modifications. Built-in filters register what MIME types they support
when the corresponding dynamic library is loaded.
IIUC other people have been talking about using .desktop files to
register filters.

The Filter interface we defined for built-in filters is not
necessarily suitable to
other indexers. For instance, I know that Jos insists on stream-based
filters :-)

>  I've been discussing it a bit with various people on how to standardize
> this, but it is tricky business. In some cases it is enough to specify hpw
> to index files matching a particular pattern, but there are also cases like
> emails residing in a database in a hidden directory, indexing of web pages
> as you browse etc...
True. I was planning to look into this at some point and see if I can come up
with a common interface for application-specific adapter plugins.


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