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Mikkel Kamstrup Erlandsen mikkel.kamstrup at
Mon Feb 19 14:14:11 PST 2007

2007/2/19, Max Wiehle <max.wiehle at>:
> Hi,
> Hope it's okay if i just jump right into the discussion. I just read
> about wasabi on a dashboard-hackers and i am quite interested in it so i
> tried to catch up with the mailing list archive. I worked on a metadata
> store for beagle during last years Summer of Code and i am still trying
> to follow what happens on the desktop search / metadata side of things
> as time permits.
> Am Sonntag, den 18.02.2007, 21:15 +0100 schrieb Mikkel Kamstrup
> Erlandsen:
> >
> > Ok. If we are to standardize something like this, I would assume that
> > we use dbus for rpc - as far as I can tell that doesn't seem to be a
> > problem..? Fx a dbus api like:
> >
> >  - AddFile (in as metadata, in s input_file)
> >  - AddText (in as metadata, in s text)
> >
> > where the metadata argument contains things such as uri, mime, and hit
> > type (in some specified order (and maybe some
> > filtering/stemming/whatnot info)). The AddFile method sorta replaces
> > the "drop-in-special-dir" approach - the drop-in-special-dir method
> > could still be allowed for apps not talking dbus. The AddText method
> > should encapsulate the functionality of Beagles' current
> > IndexServiceRequest/Indexable duo.
> Maybe it would be possible to have a
>   - AddMetadata (in as metadata, in s uri)
> as well. This could be used for all kinds of metadata that is added to a
> object aside from indexing. fx tags, emblems, notes in nautilus. Or
> epiphany might add "downloaded_from" to a files metadata - saved
> attachements could be marked as belonging to a certain email and vice
> versa etc.

Agreed. I figure this belongs under the Wasabi metadata spec and api - which
is yet to be discussed. Maybe I better kick that off soonish - the search
spec relies on some bits and pieces from it anyway.

The two methods I mention is specifically only targeting an indexer since I
don't think it should be a requirement to both an indexer and metadata

Is there any where we can have a look at your work?

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