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Le mardi 16 janvier 2007 15:35, Étienne Bersac a écrit :
> Hi,
> I'm gnome scan developer since this summer. Since a few month, sane, hal
> and scanner frontends developers took discussion about hal & sane and
> the future of sane in hal¹ and sane² mailing list.
> Printing support is quite good in freedesktop (thanks to cups), but
> Scanner support sucks. We only have quite good and wide device support
> with SANE, and a plethora of frontends³ (xsane, kooka, gnome-scan, …).
> HAL scanner support is one (great) point, but that's far from the whole
> solution for that issue.
> I guess we lake a piece of code that do the following job :
>       * Handle devices (both local and remote)
>       * Monitor buttons

Hi all (I'm reposting with the address I subscribed with :p)

I'm reading the list since a moment, but this is my first post, so don't
(b|f)lame me too much ;)

Well I've written such a software (buttons monitor), based on SANE, composed 
of a daemon which runs a script when you press a button & a KDE GUI for 
configuration, tests...

So I'm writing this ad :p

Well I'm forgetting the URL:
(the to be published version 0.9.6 is localised in fr/es/de/cs/pt_BR and has 
been tested with 3 backends: avision, hp3900 & plustek, but a lots of 
backends have the word "button" in their source code...)

May be this can help.



>       * Share
>       * Provide an API for app.
> I think of a dbus system-wide daemon that do that job. It basically
> request devices from hal and avahi (maybe more), load a backend (e.g.
> SANE) and monitor buttons on each devices. It publish some dbus
> procedure to app in order to get device, trigger acquisition, cancel,
> etc.
> It seems that Windows® and Mac OS X lakes scanner support. The only real
> scanner infrastructure i found was TWAIN⁴. Where SANE has a binary view
> of the infrastructure (backend = drivers, frontend = xsane, kooka, …),
> TWAIN provide a ternary view : Application <-> Source manager <-> Source
> (driver). (SeeTWAIN Spec 1.9a page 4 [5]). Note that TWAIN 2.0 draft
> mention Linux/UNIX port as highlighted change.
> So what about implementing such software in freedesktop ?
> Étienne.
>      1.
>      2.
>ml 3.
>      4.
>      5.

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