Scanner infrastructure in freedesktop

Donald Straney burntfuse at
Sat Jan 27 09:28:53 PST 2007

> > No, I think a scanner and a videocamera are very different devices with
> > very different capabilities and API requirements.
> ACK.

Ok then, I'm outvoted.  That should make the scanning a little easier,
without having to worry about bandwidth.

I'm still wondering about the case of a simple USB webcam, though.
Would that be accessed through V4L for video and SANE (through the
gphoto2 backend) for capturing single frames, which means duplicated
driver code, or would SANE be used to get a series of images and put
them together to be treated as streaming video?  Or is there already a
simple way around this that I don't know about?

Donald Straney

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