Trusted vs Unstrusted MIME types

Christopher Aillon caillon at
Wed Jul 11 07:57:02 PDT 2007

Michael Richardson wrote:
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>>>>>> "Josef" == Josef Spillner <spillner at> writes:
>     Josef> On Tuesday 10 July 2007 00:54:16 Michael Richardson wrote:
>     >> I think that we have to come up with such a standard, do a
>     >> version of getopt_long that grok's it, and then
>     >> evangelize/evangelize/evangelize.
>     Josef> And a version of D'n'D and all of the other methods of how
>     Josef> applications might access data? Unlikely.
>   If you don't want to fix desktops by specifying better standards, then
> perhaps this isn't the right list for you.

Great.  You should also decide whether you want fd.o to be a bunch of 
beautiful specs that nobody uses or useful specs that at least two major 
applications are going to use.

Back to the original post in this thread, one application (Epiphany) 
uses it already and another (Firefox) has ~15% marketshare globally and 
growing and wants to have the same information available.  I guess more 
if you consider Thunderbird and other Mozilla based apps, but either 
way, two players wanting to do something sounds _exactly_ like a reason 
for standardization to me.  Does fd.o want to host this one file in 
/cvs/mime?  It is the most suited place to do so because it is highly 
related to the existent MIME stuff there.  If not, I'll move it 
somewhere else and let everyone get back to arguing about what other 
projects probably won't be doing since they've gone ahead and 
implemented solutions already.

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