User-defined mountpoints in GVFS

Vlad vladc6 at
Sat Jul 21 08:00:30 PDT 2007


Will the user be allowed to choose the mountpoint of a GVFS-managed
resource? For example, someone may want to have
sftp:/username at mounted at
/home/username/research/school on their local computer.

If I understand correctly, the FUSE integration of GVFS is supposed to
satisfy the above scenario. When a non-GVFS-aware application (such as
command-line utilities: cat, cp, ls or rm) tries to access
/home/username/research/school or a file under it, the application
will need to use the POSIX API provided by FUSE. However, when a
GVFS-aware application (such as Nautilus or AbiWord) tries to access
the exact same path, it should use the native-GVFS IO functionality,
which is more direct and faster than FUSE.

So we have the best of all worlds: the user gets to arrange his files
as he pleases within the familiar root directory hierarchy, legacy
applications have full (albeit slower) access, and GVFS-aware
applications have direct (and fast) access.

Is this feasible with GVFS?


PS: Sorry if you get this message twice.

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