User-defined mountpoints in GVFS

Alexander Larsson alexl at
Mon Jul 23 01:12:10 PDT 2007

On Sat, 2007-07-21 at 08:00 -0700, Vlad wrote:
> Hi,
> Will the user be allowed to choose the mountpoint of a GVFS-managed
> resource? For example, someone may want to have
> sftp:/username at mounted at
> /home/username/research/school on their local computer.

No, all fuse mountpoints are handled by one mount, and that will be put
in somewhere like ~/.gvfs. However, you could make symlinks to make it
appear in other places.

We really need the mapping between GVFS location and fuse mount to be
"simple" to do in both directions (i.e. doing no blocking i/o).

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