New Version of the Clipboard Specification

Havoc Pennington hp at
Mon Jun 18 10:51:49 PDT 2007


Pompei2 wrote:
> I once looked into using the clipboard and did read the (now old) specs, 
> and the links given in it. What i felt was missing, and is still 
> missing, is a link into one more practical example. I do understand how 
> the clipboard works and so one, but i have absolutely no idea about how 
> to use it, due to a missing example, or missing function names.
> Oh and btw, I'm not very experienced in X11-coding, maybe it is obvious 
> what functions to use but I don't know them :)

The info in clipboards.txt is pretty much only useful if you are writing 
a toolkit (implementing GTK+ or Qt or similar). If you're writing an 
app, just refer to the docs for your toolkit (or file a bug if the 
toolkit docs don't say what to do).


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