proposal for extending XSETTINGS registry keys

Avi Alkalay avi at
Wed Mar 28 13:59:50 PDT 2007

The QT classes for this purpose can also be implemented on top of Elektra's

Check this diagram:

Elektra was written in pure C (but it is object oriented in design) and does
not depend on any other libraries. This guarantees cross platform
availability (Elektra can be used on any other OS, and on Windows its keys
are mapped and stored on WinReg keys) and also very simple programs (as
/sbin/init) can link to Elektra.

Check this:


On 3/28/07, Thiago Macieira <thiago at> wrote:
> Avi Alkalay wrote:
> >So KConfig and GConf will have (actually have already) an Elektra
> > backend and there is no need to change applications.
> Avi,
> In this case, Marius was thinking of sharing that data down to the toolkit
> level. KConfig, for instance, is a KDE class, so it cannot be used from
> Qt.
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