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Fri Mar 30 04:04:45 PDT 2007

On Thu, 2007-03-29 at 20:42 +0200, Holger Macht wrote:
> I actually wonder why nobody else from the desktop people comment on
> this. I also wonder why this problem with shutdown and reboot didn't came
> up before and got defined somewhere else in the past. They seem important
> to me ;-) This should be of interest all desktops. I see three
> possibilities here:
>  1. Either we keep shutdown and reboot mandatory like the other
>     methods, then all desktops have to make sure that _all_ those methods
>     are actually always implemented in the desktop session no matter of
>     any power management application. At least they have to return
>     NotSupported or the like.
>  2. We all, desktop and power management people, agree that a power
>     management application is compulsory in every desktop session.
>  3. We and/or the desktop people define those two methods somewhere else
>     to be mandatory. This way we could leave them optional in the
>     spec application. This would be my preference.
> Something else? What do you say?
I think Shutdown and Reboot are power management operations, so they
make sense in the interface, so I would vote for having them
mandatory and the others optional, so that every desktop can implement
what they want/can
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