locale specific for .desktop

Sanel Zukan sanelz at gmail.com
Thu Oct 4 09:52:53 PDT 2007

> There are a number of locale specific problems for .desktop spec.
> #1. Language specific launcher options.
> I'ld like to switch the command options by languages.
> E.g.
> Name=Document
> Exec=gnome-open file:/usr/share/doc/foo/C/index.html
> Exec[de]=gnome-open file:/usr/share/doc/foo/de/index.html
> Exec[fr]=gnome-open file:/usr/share/doc/foo/fr/index.html
> How about locale executions?

This proposal has it's place, but here is mine -1 for it :) IMHO this
opens a huge door for more abuse for Exec key, so anyone could place
something like:


which creates inconsistency. Already hearing people asking why their
German colleagues opens this but they are getting that.

Hm... just thinking, could some shell script resolve this ?

> #2. .desktop could be shown on a locale only.
> I'ld like to show a locale specific application on the locale only in gnome-panel menus.
> E.g.
> Name[zh_CN]=Application Name
> Comment[zh_CN]=Application Comment
> Exec=/usr/bin/zh_CN-application
> How about removing C Name?

Isn't this the same as above?

> #3. Filename encoding.
> I'ld like to keep Encoding=UTF-8 but the actual filepath could be several encodings.
> E.g.
> Encoding=UTF-8
> Name=foo
> Comment=foo
> Icon=file:/home/foo/EUC encoding/foo.png
> How about URI escape sequences?

AFAIK, Icon key contains system path, not URI path (wrong ?). On other hand if
you already using URI path (and application understainds it), at least for me, 
escape sequences comes naturally :)


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