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I would like to encourage the works related to drafting a standard regarding
Directory bundles.
Out of there we have: ROS, ROX AppDir, GnuSTEP bundles / OSX one and so on.

I made a concept-upgrade to the generic bundle system, introducing what I
mean as SpatialBundles in term of single file data/applications "spacial"
manipulation self contained Bundle.
I'm using the ROX /Linux-ix86 structure so in case you need to navigate the
inner folder of the SpatialBundle using ROX filer, you engage the right rox
proxy (AppRun, .DirIcon, /Linux-ix86, ...).
To understand my direction I invite you to test directly a, what i mean,
technology preview...this is a working in progress and when it's mature for
my minimal standard I release the builder.
The main core of the wrapper is based on bash scripts that are embedded into
the Bundle and provide methods to manipulate the payload aka the real
application you need.
Using a bash script I can build SpatialBundles across all UNIXes supporting
it (*BSD, OSX, Linux based, ...).
You have just a file to run, nothing else.

I've made some test case and you can find more information here:

Here more to download:

This is what I think something that goes beyond Autopackage, directory
bundles, every Klik like systems.

Does not require installation
Depend only on bash
Run totally unprivileged
Can be manipulate like an file-object so: drag and drop, cut and paste,
delete, trash, move, pipe, send via mail, send via bluetooth, distribute via
DVD and so on...
With the right translator can run on windows so you go really across OSes
(via bash for windows translator).
I'm adding new methods and paradigms in my week ends and hope as soon as
possible to release a skeleton to provide developers the right tools to
build packages.

Hope this can help you to improve Bundle drafts.

See you soon,

Luca Cappelletti

Luca Cappelletti

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