JobViewServer specification proposal

Rafael Fernández López ereslibre at
Tue Apr 1 11:50:02 PDT 2008

Hi all,

I would like to start to work on a specification proposal for Freedesktop that 
we have named JobViewServer/JobView.

The goal of this specification is being able of implementing this idea

Regarding this issue there are currently two main applications on Gnome and 
KDE (I don't know if exists something similar on other desktops), called 
Mathusalem [1] and kuiserver [2] respectively.

Long time ago I talked with the mathusalem developer, and I was very 
interested in sharing the same D-Bus interface so we could do very 
interesting things, but from what I recalled he wanted to rewrite 
Mathusalem's interface.

Afterwards Kevin Ottens proposed to rework our kuiserver API, making it 
simpler and cross-desktop. Of course, I accepted and implemented it on KDE. 
Our decision of first designing the specification and later implementing it 
was just for testing it in the practice, and find out that it worked just 

Now we have the implementation finished and I wonder if some of you want to 
help out with the review and suggesting ideas. We would like this 
specification or similar to become a cross-desktop standard.


1) One could select to see I/O or other consuming time operations in a single 
or multiple windows.

2) What is really amazing: One could use Konqueror on Gnome desktop, for 
example, and when going to download a file, the progress dialog of Gnome 
would show up [if multiple windows enabled, for instance], instead of the KDE 
(kio) one.

This opens a door for cross-desktop being a reality, and I really think we 
shouldn't miss such an oportunity.

Since this is an introduction and not an spec proposal at the moment, I would 
like to know what do you think.

If everything goes fine, and this seems to interest the rest of the desktops, 
I can explain the spec, let's say for 04 April.


Bye and thank you,
Rafael Fernández López

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