JobViewServer specification proposal

Rafael Fernández López ereslibre at
Tue Apr 1 16:52:35 PDT 2008


> Don't forget KGet ;)
> I think it would be great if kuiserver can take on all the features of
> KGet, or alternatively if KGet can be modified so that it uses this
> new DBus interface you are proposing. In the latter scenario, which
> might be better given the large amount of work that has been going
> into KGet recently, there would be no more need for a separate
> kuiserver GUI.
> Either way, having both KGet and a kuiserver GUI in KDE seems a little
> redundant.

Actually, this is a common misunderstanding of what kuiserver does.

KGet is strictly for downloading files, kuiserver (JobViewServer) goal is to 
show all time consuming operations (I/O operations like file copying, CD/DVD 
burning, mail downloading, data importing in applications...).

The most important thing is what I said about being cross-desktop. Having this 
spec in usage would let you run Nautilus on KDE, and when copying files, let 
the KDE progress dialog come up, or a new row in the progress manager if you 
didn't want separate windows, for instance.

Rafael Fernández López

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