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Tue Apr 8 16:53:16 PDT 2008


> "Interface, signal, method, and property names are "WindowsStyleCaps",
> note that the first letter is capitalized, unlike Java."
> So, it shouldn't it be eg. org.freedesktop.JobView.Terminate instead?

Yes, in theory, they should. I completely agree.

> Also, regarding org.freedesktop.JobView.s(S)etTotalAmount; perhaps the
> units should be specified in some sort of file format, so that an
> application can add new units without requiring going through and
> patching the source? This might also make it more reliable across
> implementations, as otherwise the KDE implementation might have extra
> types that the GNOME implementation doesn't, and vice versa.

The main idea is that when an application needs a new amount type, we review 
the specification (if the change is for that purpose we can update it almost 
inmediatly if the new type has sense, and notify all interested parties).

The important bit of this, is that all implementations should have the same 
types, being extendable through expanding the specification, but the same 

The only problem I find on having a file format or similar is how to handle 
properly that for being cross-desktop (apart from the plural problems on 
certain languages).

Cross-desktop: note that if gnome implementation uses a certain file format, 
and kde uses another one, we end up by not being able to do this correctly => 
if you develop a gnome application and you add a new type to your gnome file 
format (or however it is thought), if you run that program on a KDE desktop, 
the kuiserver will not know what to place in there.

Certain languages: the problem of some languages having more than one plural, 
and other deeper problems of translation.

Thanks for your comments.

Rafael Fernández López

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