change thumbnailer spec to fit better with xdg-basedir spec

Dr. Michael J. Chudobiak mjc at
Thu Apr 17 07:15:58 PDT 2008

Martin Meyer wrote:
  > The thumbnailer spec [3] points to the ~/.thumbnails directory for the
> cache of specific-sized thumbnails. Although I call them cache, it is
> arguable that they may be user data. The issue I have is that the
> basedir spec [4] specifies an environment variable $XDG_CACHE_HOME
> which is intended as the base for all "user-specific non-essential
> (cached) data". I feel that the thumbnail cache would fit in there. Is
> there a chance of getting the spec changed to point to
> $XDG_CACHE_HOME/thumbnails instead perhaps? Is it even open for
> discussion?


Yes, it's open for discussion. Is it fundamentally worth the effort?

Do you have suggestions for managing the transition, if it occurred? 
".thumbnails" is hard-coded in a LOT of files (libgnomeui, nautilus, 
glib/gfile, gthumb, gnome-settings-daemon, etc...)

On the gnome side, you would need to patch every instance of 
".thumbnails". (Maybe we need a gnome_thumbnail_get_cache_dir function.) 
The gnome-settings-daemon housekeeping plug-in would need to be modified 
to sweep both the old and new locations.

On a side note, your original post is missing the reference ([1], etc).

- Mike

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