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On Sunday 20 April 2008, dan_500 at wrote:
> Aha, a Plasma developer. I don't like Plasma.

love you, too.

> It must be better. It needs lot of KDE stuff to install.

well, yes, it requires the same libs as any KDE app.

> Why? It covered my desktop background and nautilus on my desktop.

perhaps you don't understand the point of a desktop shell application then: 
it's to provide you with a desktop.

> It covered all my widgets. 

whatever widget system you are using is either actually part of another 
desktop shell app or else simply broken. i'm guessing the former.

> And I can't remove the black bar at the bottom.

that's been possible since 4.0.2. =)

however, this all pretty much a moot point:

> Other toolkits? I just opened a GTK+ theme file and saw there svg
> images. So I thought GTK+ did support svg images.

there is support for svgs in icon themes (which are already standardized as 
you noted earlier) and there may well be svg based widget themes for gtk+; or 
perhaps it was a desktop wallpaper theme or notification theme or ... perhaps 
you could specify what the theme file was for and we can turn this into a 
more useful conversation.

in any case, the *point* of looking towards standardization is working towards 
common usage. so it hardly matters if you don't use or like plasma, if the 
standard is merely to codify what some particular $FOO_DESKTOP app does then 
this is the wrong forum for that conversation. if the intent is to bring 
together all such usages and get some cross-toolkit coordination, then we 
have something to discuss (well, with the provisos in my previous email) and 
kde's usage of svg's on the desktop is relevant.

i suppose the first point would be to define *what* one would hope to 
standardize and to what hoped-for benefit.

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