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On Sunday 20 April 2008, dan_500 at wrote:
> Why should it forbidden to use another add-on widgeting system
> additional to the whole KDE desktop named Plasma?

it's not. but you can really only run one desktop shell app at a time. so if 
your widgets are tied to a given shell, they will be mutually exclusive to 
another desktop shell.

fortunately, the way plasma is designed you can rather easily add other widget 
systems to your plasma workspace. currently, besides 'native' plasma widgets 
(written in c++, ecmascript or python .. with ruby nearly there) plasma also 
support superkaramba and macos x dashboard widgets.

there's really no reason other formats could not be added as long as the 
widget system is either scripted with easily drawn in dependencies or relies 
on a toolkit that uses the glib event loop.

anyways.. this is all a bit OT for this list, isn't it? feel free to bring it 
over to panel-devel at if you'd like to discuss further.

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