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> On Monday 21 April 2008, Toma wrote:
> > It would be nice if KDE and Gnome camps could start using Edje, but
> i don't think it will ever be an exclusive usage thing, but i know of one 
> fledgling effort that has reasonably solid backing to create a qt4-edje 
> support bridge. not something that solves this particular issue today, but 
> hopefully within the year we may see the fruits of this start to emerge. 
> which would be cool =)
> that said, i don't think the e17 solutions are the baby jesus come to visit
> us again. they are quite cool in their own way, no doubt, they just have tons
> of NIH stink on them (their own *compression* format?!) and fill a fairly 
> specific (if interesting) niche.

actually compression format is zlib for lossless (just pump the ARGB pixels
through) and jpeg for lossy - using libjpeg :) the eet file itself is different
to zip to cut down overhead - zip has waaaaaay too many extra features to
support for just something to hold N chunks of data each separately
stored/compressed. these days it's grown a world of its own with a mmaped()
shared string dictionary section to improve decode speeds and efficiency and so
on. it's really more in the name of efficiency and not buzzword compliance. if
it was buzzword compliant it'd be some xml java blah blah thing with all sorts
of synergies across technology platforms... :) so we have recycled - just were
"appropriate". virtual machine (embryo) is pawn (small) - recycled, just
fixed/repackaged for portability and cleanliness as a shared lib (very heavily

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