desktop neutral xsettings manager?

Nicolas Mailhot nicolas.mailhot at
Thu Apr 24 00:57:01 PDT 2008

Le Mer 23 avril 2008 16:49, �x��� a écrit :

> Besides, xsettings is NOT practically desktop-neutral.
> Currently only GTK+ programs use it.
> No other toolkits or desktop environments support this.

It can or can not be practically but since nothing else anything close
to desktop-neutral was proposed people will keep pushing for xsettings
support. It's no use saying "my prefered system does not support it,
find something else". Your preferred system should implement it or
propose another cross-desktop solution.

There are many settings that *need* to be shared by every desktop
applications because users *hate* specifying them at many different
points and besides the settings themselves may be complex enough every
a motivated user will never really keep them in sync manually.

Fonts is such a case. When you add the style, size, unicode,
substitution dimensions expecting users to manage it through X setting
systems is completely insane.

Nicolas Mailhot

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