JobViewServer specification proposal

Florent Mertens flomertens at
Thu Apr 24 07:40:57 PDT 2008

> Hi all,

> I would like to start to work on a specification proposal for Freedesktop that
> we have named JobViewServer/JobView.

> The goal of this specification is being able of implementing this idea

This is really a good idea.
We and David Sedeño (from gwget) are currently planning a rewrite of gwget and
this is something that i'd like to support, and contribute to.

But i'd like some clarification on the final goal of the tool. I see
different implementations :
1. Client app don't show a progress window/bar, and provide it only
via the JobView server
2. Client app still show a progress window/bar, and provide it also
via the JobView server

If we go for 1, we miss all the specific feature that could have
provided the client progress window.
Also this is a no go for download applications since our progress
window is also our main window.

If we go for 2, we should add to the API some kind of
iconify/deiconify signal to be able to iconify
the application. A lot of long time running tasks provide a tray icon
nowadays. We should not clutter
user's window list, while uncluttering their system tray.

If we go for 2, not sure that a stop/start/resume is required
(duplicate functionnality).
It might still be optionnal also.

If we go for a mix of both, this might be confusing for users.

My own preference is 2, but i'm a bit biased because of the nature of
my application.

What do you think ? What is your exact plan ?


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