JobViewServer specification proposal

Rafael Fernández López ereslibre at
Thu Apr 24 14:17:58 PDT 2008

Hi all,

> This is really a good idea.
> We and David Sedeño (from gwget) are currently planning a rewrite of gwget
> and this is something that i'd like to support, and contribute to.

Great news.

> But i'd like some clarification on the final goal of the tool. I see
> different implementations :
> 1. Client app don't show a progress window/bar, and provide it only
> via the JobView server
> 2. Client app still show a progress window/bar, and provide it also
> via the JobView server

As Aaron said, this is an implementation detail. Actually, after notifying 
some time consuming event to the server and refreshing its information, the 
application would like to show some info on its statusbar, for example.

That is up to the application developer.

> If we go for 1, we miss all the specific feature that could have
> provided the client progress window.
> Also this is a no go for download applications since our progress
> window is also our main window.

As I said this is a very specific implementation detail.

> If we go for a mix of both, this might be confusing for users.

Well, it shouldn't if you for example are showing on the status bar the _same 
information_ that is being sent to the jobviewserver. If they are not 
consistent, for example, on the status bar you set 81% and on the 
jobviewserver you set a 76%, you are in trouble. If they are consistent, it 
should be OK.

Rafael Fernández López.
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