JobViewServer specification proposal

Rafael Fernández López ereslibre at
Tue Apr 29 16:55:28 PDT 2008

Hi Florent,

> It is not really up to the application developper. It is more up to how
> the JobViewer while behave on new jobs (i.e. will it pop up the jobview
> window, will it behave silently with a notification icon...). So even if
> it is not state literally in the spec, you'll not really have the choice.

Well, I have the impression that we agree but we are discussing because I 
probably have misexplained myself.

The implementation of the JobViewServer should have for example some kind of 
configuration dialog, where it asks the user on how he prefers the progress 
to be shown, as you said: popup the jobviewserver window, notification 
icon... whatever.

Notifying the JobViewServer about a job is _always_ optional. The application 
can decide to show a progress bar for example inside itself to show a certain 
progress without notifying the JobViewServer, without any doubt.

> This should be treated as a detail of the implementation. In it's
> current state, i don't really see how i should use this spec, simply
> because i don't really understand how it will behave.

I will try to explain it again then. It probably was my fault then when 
explaining it.

When having it ready, I will point you guys to some website where everything 
should be explained in a clean way.

> Reading your mails, i had the impression that you think that having the
> progress information exclusively in the jobviewer should be the rule,
> and if some applications still want to show them, it's up to them. I
> think exactly the opposite, and this is what i tried to explain in my
> previous mail, please read it. In fact i fail to found any use case
> where it would be preferable to show progress information only in the
> jobviewer. Correct me if i am wrong.

As I said before, this is probably because I misexplained myself.

In any case our goal is to "force the developer to show a job on the 
JobViewServer and later optionally show the progress on the application".

Our goal is: you have a job that will take some time. You can:

a) Don't notify anybody. The progress information to the user is shown 
internally on the application and no server knows its data.

b) Notify JobViewServer and show the information internally. Well, those two 
should be synced. That should be the only premise to be asserted.

c) Do not show information internally and only notify the JobViewServer.

Those solutions are all valid.

Take in count that if we "suggest" people to do b), that would be great. You 
have the progress information in your applications somehow and you can always 
go to a place where you see _all_ progresses (in an ideal world, where all 
applications have registered their jobs).

Note that in a system where lots of applications use a) and lots of 
applications use c) could make the user go mad. Where is this progress ? Ah, 
on the "central tracker", and this one ?, oh, on the application...

Rafael Fernández López.
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