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Wed Apr 30 05:51:56 PDT 2008


Le mardi 29 avril 2008, à 16:54 -0600, Aaron J. Seigo a écrit :
> more concretely, i propose:
> * a 'mainline' area for adopted versions of specs
> * a 'review' area for specifications that are through a given draft phase and 
> ready to move to mainline
> * a 'drafts' area for specifications that are in mainline, but which are 
> undergoing revision
> * a 'playground' area for new specifications to be worked on (where "new" 
> means "not yet widely agreed upon or adopted")

(I'm only quoting this from your mail, but I guess this is the core of
your proposal)

I pretty much agree with this. Except that, from what I understand in
your mail, you want those areas to clearly appear in the repository. My
idea was to just have all specs in the repository, and then have a
simple file describing the status of the specs based on commit versions.

This is loosely based on how we currently publish the specs, btw: see

The rationale is that what appears in the repository is not that
important. What's important is what we publish on the website. For me,
what we have in the latest trunk/head of the repository will always be
the latest up-to-date draft, and with a script, we can publish all
released versions on the website from the repository.

I totally agree that we need to put more than just versions of the
specs, but also the adoption status, a kind of stability status (is it
still in development, with potential incompatible changes in the
future?), draft vs released status, etc.

Basically, metadata in the repository appears in a simple file and is
translated to something easily understandable on the website.

I quite like the idea of having a FAQ, btw.

For people interested, I put my GUADEMY slides at:


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