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On Wednesday 30 April 2008, Pau Garcia i Quiles wrote:
> > Oh, I remember you mentioning this, but I forgot to ask you: any example
> > of KDE or GNOME apps not following a spec without a good reason?
> >
> > (note that the issue is a bit orthogonal to the discussion, since the
> > specs are, hopefully, more widely adopted than just in GNOME & KDE)
> For example, KIconLoader in KDE.

KIconLoader follows all relevant specs since 4.0, including the naming spec.

> And two other examples, not exactly what you asked but important IMHO:
> - The KUIServer developer is trying to put together a JobViewServer
> spec but, AFAIK, the Mathusalem developer helping too much. Bad for
> everybody because we might end with a sub-par spec which is too tied
> to KDE/Qt.

- akonadi

- the visual notifications (aka galago) spec which we have tried to get 
involved with several times from the KDE side but which routinely falls on 
deaf ears =/

> - KIO, GIO and GnomeVFS. KIO is the I/O framework used by KDE since,

thankfully it's also one of the less interesting areas for collaboration since 
they are, really, ways of implementing support for well known IO access 
protocols (http, ftp, scp, file:/, etc). so there is already a basis for 
cooperation from the user's POV (URIs + well known protocols); i do lament 
the duplicated efforts, of course.

> common spec. Even if a " Input/Output spec" is defined

as someone else pointed out, this wouldn't really make much sense. we could 
define a common ABI for IO providers/slaves to implement, of course.

> Please note I'm not saying software that does not implement the fd.o
> spec should be trashed, only that if you want your software to be part
> of the official repository:
> * If you don't implement the fd.o spec, you *must* justify it (i. e.
> show why it is a bad spec)
> * If you don't implement the fd.o because for no reason, keep your
> software in your own repository.

i agree...

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