Shared-mime-info 0.40

Bastien Nocera hadess at
Wed Jun 11 11:34:08 PDT 2008


Shared-mime-info 0.40 is released. The major change is the support for
the updated spec, implemented by Matthias Clasen.

Downloads and more details:

Changes since 0.30:
* Mime-type Changes:
- Add Skencil image
- Add OpenOffice extension
- Add Lilypond music sheets
- Add MO3 compressed tracker files
- Add text/x-diff alias for patches
- Add text/x-c alias for C source files
- Add text/rtf for RTF files
- Add *.m3u8 glob for M3U files
- Fix problems with Matroska audio/video detection
- Fix pack200 magic
- Fix detection of some message/rfc822 files
- Tighten PBM/PPM/PGM magic to avoid false positives
- Make "README*" glob very low
- Make application/x-gnuplot a subclass of text/plain
- Remove useless fnmatch matches
- Remove useless gtkrc mime-type

* update-mime-database Changes:
- Implement glob weights
- Implement reverse suffix tree
- Implement icon and generic-icon support
- Implement compact suffix tree


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