Elektra 0.7.0rc2

Markus Raab registry at markus-raab.org
Tue Mar 25 12:58:23 PDT 2008

23/03/08 - Announcement 0.7.0rc2 and bachelor thesis about mounting

We proudly present the second release candidate for Elektra 0.7.0.
Many bugs were fixed, kdbGet() and kdbSet() are now really stable, useful
and well documented. test_kdb also tests hosts and fstab next to filesys
with 6598 test cases (see README in tests to run it).

kdbSet() now supports a parent key to set only a part of the configuration
passed by the keyset, allowing to e.g. save system and user configuration
seperately. It only calls kdbSet_backend() when it is actually necessary.
The splitting works much more efficient with n*b instead of n^2*b.

The highlevel functions kdbGetKey() and kdbSetKey() now work well with
Capabilities. This allows very easy changing of keys inside backends
even with some lacking capabilities, see 

Patrick Sabin and I wrote our bachelor thesis about mounting backends
for configuration. It gives a detailed introduction in problem and choices
and the actual implementation.
http://www.markus-raab.org/ftp/elektra.pdf elektra.pdf
http://www.markus-raab.org/ftp/elektra.ps.gz elektra.ps.gz

thank you
Markus Raab

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