thumbnail mtime, ctime

Dr. Michael J. Chudobiak mjc at
Thu Mar 27 12:44:00 PDT 2008

>> Or your navigate to a folder, realize that you don't have read
>> permission, so you fix it. But the thumbnail doesn't regenerate...
> I don't see that as a valid use-case. If the file can't be read, there is 
> no thumbnail. So what would you be storing in the thumbnail cache?

A "failed" thumbnail is saved, as per the spec.

The failed thumbnail stores the original mtime, so that system knows 
when to re-attempt thumbnailing. But since the ctime is not stored, 
permission fixing will not trigger a re-thumbnailing.

It's a valid use case, in other words :-)

Adding the ctime to the failed thumbnail would eliminate this problem in 
a backward-compatible way.

- Mike

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