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I am catching up with my huge baclog of postings on the xdg list, so sorry for 
the delay.

On Wednesday 26 March 2008, Mirsal Ennaime wrote:
> Hi,
> The Media Player Remote Interfacing Specification v1.0 was released a
> little while ago without an announcement on this list.
> The spec is hosted here:

The spec doesn't include any hints how to implement the interface's methods 
which are not described for either object, e.g. how to implement 
org.freedesktop.MediaPlayer.Quit when it is being called on the /Player 
object, the spec only says it should make the application exit when being 
received by the root object.

Given that the three objects have really different scopes, it might make more 
sense to have three interfaces rather than having lots of dummy 
implementations for methods out of the object's intended scope.


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