[icon naming] "zoom" vs. "page-zoom"

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Thu May 29 10:11:24 PDT 2008

Rodney Dawes wrote:
> On Thu, 2008-05-29 at 06:45 -0700, James Richard Tyrer wrote:
>> Rodney Dawes wrote:
>>> That would be like having user-trash, user-bookmarks, user-online,
>>> user-desktop, and whatever else there might be, fall back to "user".
>>> Not very sensible at all is it?
>> No it isn't very sensible because the icons in your example should be 
>> named: "trash-user", "bookmarks-user", "user-online" (this one is 
>> correct), and "bookmarks-user", we aren't going to worry about 
>> "user-online" since it will work either way, and "desktop-user" would 
>> fallback to "desktop"
>> So this is perfectly sensible.
> Your solution is sensible if you ignore the very precept of the Icon
> Naming Specification, which is that the list of icons contained therein,
> is the absolute base list of icons, and everything else should fall back
> to something within the spec itself.
You need to realize that KDE has many icons that aren't in the spec.  We 
reached a consensus that we wouldn't ask to have a lot of icons added. 
So, what we are working with is a superset of the spec.

We also need to consider what will happen if the user chooses an icon 
theme that does not contain some (or all) of the KDE additions to the 
icon set.

We have formally asked that the icon "zoom" be added to the icons set. 
I will probably add "view" to the request because we have many "view-*" 
icons that are not in the standard.

I see problems with what you said.  I guess that the question is whether 
that statement or the logic of the hierarchal icon names is more 
important.  We have a request for:


If we follow what you said, we should name them:


Does that look good to you?  Jakob won't like it because the page 
metaphor will fallback to the magnifying glass metaphor.

I propose that in addition to "zoom" & "view" (which have uses other 
than fallback in KDE) that the committee also consider other single word 
and/or more generic icon names for fall back.


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