To Use DBus or libusb (Beginner Question)

Christopher Moore christopher at
Wed Sep 3 12:21:34 PDT 2008

> Christopher Moore wrote:
>>Hey everyone,
>>I'm new to this whole dbus/libusb programming in general, but let me
>>explain what I'm trying to do:
>>I have a Linksys Cit200 phone that is detected by the kernel as an audio
>>and hid device.  What I'm trying to do is to get the phone to talk to
>>another application (in this case skype).  The only problem is no sound
>>plays through it's speaker nor is any audio recorded via the mic.  I'm
>> not sure if I have to send an "activation" to the device somehow or
>> what...
>>Separately, I have figured out what commands are needed (using Python)
>> to connect to the device via pyUSB, as well as using the Skype API to
>> talk to skype.  What I'm missing is the glue that will allow the phone
>> to speak to skype. Would this be the role of dbus?  If that's the case,
>> how do I use dbus to communicate with this device?
> D-Bus could do that, but given the latency requirements, maybe it's not
> the best option.
> In any case, you have to ask the Skype developers first how to inject
> sound data from the phone into skype and the other way around.
> It might be easier to just configure Skype to use that, since it detects
> USB sound devices.

I actually have skype pointed to the plughw device (plughw:CIT200,0), but
nothing gets send to it.  I'll shoot a mail to the skype developers about
how to communicate with the device ... Maybe they'll play nice, who knows.


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