magic and globs: License

David Persson davidpersson at
Sat Sep 27 10:35:21 PDT 2008


I wrote a CakePHP plugin and since the framework itself is MIT licensed,
I chose that license for it too.

The plugin is going to include a php shared-mime parser and it would be
comfortable for the users to have the dbs packaged with it.

Now my question is:

Can I distribute the compiled globs and magic files from the shared-mime
package with this plugin?

There was a similiar question 4 years ago:

But for me it's unclear if the magic and globs files generated by
update-mime-database are counting as derivative works and are therefore

Anyway I really like the shared-mime spec. It's one of the best
solutions for mime type detection out there and was fun to (partially)
implement it!

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