startup-notification XCB support

Julien Danjou julien at
Thu Jan 29 06:37:34 PST 2009


As promised, I've worked on a port of startup-notification lib to XCB.
The patches are sent to this list and are available in my git repository


I hereby request some review of this patches.

I've opened bug #19806 at bugs.fd.o to move startup-notification from
CVS to git. I suggest to wait for this migration to be done before
including my patches, because that'd be much easier with git.
I already have a fdo account so I can handle the merge myself if I can
be added to the group the libsn repository belongs to.

I did not duplicate the whole API, because type like Window or Timestamp
are just typedef to various integer, and therefore should not make

I've also ported the unit tests, they all pass. You can even test mixing
Xlib and XCB launcher/launchee :-)

The first 11 patches are some code refactoring which I've to do before adding
XCB functions. Patch 12 adds XCB backend and functions. Patch 13 add
unitary test.

Julien Danjou
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