[desktop entry spec] new FullName key

Frederic Peters fpeters at gnome.org
Thu Jul 23 01:53:18 PDT 2009

David Faure wrote:

> But you presented all this as a workaround for broken .desktop files, that
> was bound to get you negative reactions. Those broken desktop files
> MUST BE FIXED, even if we add a new key to the spec, for the sake of
> implementations which do want to use Name and Generic Name separately
> rather than an all-in-one FullName.

Oh, I totally agree with this, the important part of my initial
proposal was lost in the middle of other problems, the justification
for another key was the translation issues:

|> Moreover with just Name and GenericName we could end up with having to
|> concatenate both keys, which would raise unknown translation issues.

(and this is after discussing the matter with GNOME translators)

Of course the broken .desktop files have to be fixed; actually this
proposal came after I looked over many of them (this may explain why
I gave too much space to current bugs).

FWIW my report is published at:
and bugs are currently being filed.


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