ThemePackageSpec (aka Metathemes)

Stephan Arts stephan at
Tue Jun 2 02:28:13 PDT 2009

Hi All,

At the Ubuntu Developers Summit in Barcelona, there was a discussion
about artwork. One comment was made about metathemes, packages where
designers can place several coherent themes that can be installed and
used together.

I mentioned the ThemePackageSpec[0], a draft specification that still
needs some work but is designed to adress this precise issue.

Last time I proposed this spec, it received little response[1] (except
for the #gnome-art irc-channel, on which aruiz and thos were really

Now, i'd like to try again.

'Could you please shoot the spec to bits?' ^_~

If we can have a solid discussion about how it can be improved, maybe
we can work on some cross-desktop implementations during the following

Kind regards,


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