Voting mechnism is needed for xdg discussion.

Toma tomhaste at
Fri Jun 5 20:29:46 PDT 2009

My issue with voting systems is the lack of transparency. Someone
could submit something for a vote and we never see it as most of us
dont have XDG website as our browser homepage. The only way to get
everyones attention is via email. And if you suggest making a vote
then submitting that vote to an emailing list, youre essentially
accomplishing nothing. Maybe we need some sort of etiquette for the
mailing list when it comes to making group decisions on points? Its
not hard or time consuming to spin off an email saying "+1 from me" to
certain points in a spec discussion on the mailing list. It shows a
quick agreement to a point rather than silence. Remember, we cant read
you nodding at your screen while reading spec submissions :)


2009/6/6 Havoc Pennington <havoc.pennington at>:
> Hi,
> Decisions aren't really made on the list. The real voting mechanism is
> code. All the interoperability specs or shared libraries that have
> some adoption exist because there was interest in implementing more
> than one implementation. Sometimes one person went around implementing
> more than once in various desktops, sometimes two or three people
> decided to each do an implementation. But in the end you only need two
> or three people to agree with you enough to do some coding. There's
> not a need to convince an entire mailing list. The mailing list is
> just a place for discussion.

+1 from me! :D

> The people who agree with you do have to include maintainers of any
> relevant code modules, of course, but usually that's just a couple of
> people.
> Havoc
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