git repository for specs: one more attempt

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at
Mon Jun 8 09:17:43 PDT 2009

hello ...

i'm currently tracking no less than three different specifications:

* visual notifications
* icon naming
* (and as of today) default/preferred apps

i expect to see at least two new specs added from the kde side this year:

* notification area specification
* wallpaper packaging specification

all three current specs i'm tracking are authored in different locations and i 
have no way to participate. this is without question absurd. we have tools to 
make this work better, so let's do so.

today i moved the embryonic git repository for xdg specifications to

it is owned by a team called "xdg-specs"

huzzah for open source web infrastructure! :)

however, it only has value if people use it, to state the absolutely obvious. 
i stopped pushing this forward shortly after my last attempt to get it going 
due to the complete lack of interest shown by people on this list. i got more 
feedback and patches (!) from people who have little or nothing to do with 
xdg@ than from people on it (which wasn't hard: your contribution was 
precisely zero)

i'm happy to add anyone to the "xdg-specs" team on gitorious who has a spec 
they need / want to edit, and we can also do the traditional dvcs "everyone 
has their own repo and makes merge requests" method. (it's not either/or)

if there are suggestions on how to make the contents of the repository better, 
please share your thoughts and we can turn them into action together. the last 
time we actually managed to discuss this, it resulted in a number of good 

this email does represent my last attempt to get this going.

Aaron J. Seigo
humru othro a kohnu se
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