Notification spec issue: Ability to assign an icon *and* an image to a notification

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at
Thu Jun 25 14:07:58 PDT 2009

On 06/25/2009 01:53 PM, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:

> fd.o has control put into place in all the wrong places.
> people should be free and encouraged to host drafts and experimental work
> somewhere we can all get to them.
> it should be an additional set of steps to go from that to being an agreed
> upon specification.
> right now, it's pretty hard to get anything anywhere near fd.o's website or
> git repo (several examples of that recently), but it's blazingly easy to use
> org.freedesktop or other shared properties in implementation.
> it's completely backwards.

How do you fix that, though?  Well, I imagine there are ways to fix the 
first half, but how do you make it hard to use org.freedesktop in an 
implementation that hasn't received an appropriate amount of consensus? 
  Or is that just a social aspect that has to be enforced by people 
being vigilant and saying "don't do that" when it happens, and not 
giving up when someone tries it anyway?

>> to say what constituted a good idea to implement... having
>> "org.freedesktop." at the front of its interface name seemed like a
>> decent enough criterion.
> in other words, they tricked you by misappropriating a resource they did not
> have rights to. if i were you, i'd feel a bit betrayed by that.

I do, in a way, at least inasmuch as it's causing practical problems now.

> can i just ask that we stop trying to point out who's being individually
> dishonest or pulling "dick moves" or whatever? fd.o as a community organ has
> enough institutionalized dishonesty and dick-ness for us all to share equally
> in.

You're right.  I'm sorry about that.

>> Anyway, I'm kinda getting tired of this discussion.  It seems clear to
>> me that I'm not really getting my point across (which is no one's fault
>> but my own) and I'm not going to change anyone's mind here, so... that's
>> it, I guess.  Feel free to change the name; I'm sure I'll grudgingly
>> update xfce4-notifyd whenever I get around to it or someone submits a
> that's really not what i, personally, want as a result. i don't want more
> thuggery forcing people to do things. in this i'm sure we feel the same way;
> and i'm asking that the various stakeholders here actually ensure that we can
> move beyond thuggery and trickery.

All right. So, from here... You've at least managed to convince me that 
accepting org.freedesktop.Notifications as a standard-with-consensus is 
something that I should accept at least some amount of responsibility 
for, and accept that using that interface is creating more work for me 
now.  It sucks, and I hate it, and don't really want to put in more work 
to correct it at this point, but it's probably the right way to go.

Regarding notifications, is it possible to introduce the extra 
functionality you desire to the current interface without breaking API 
compatibility?  If not, and there isn't a compromise position that gets 
you enough of what you want to make you happy but still maintains 
compatibility, then, fine, let's create a new interface and do it 
better.  But can we at least make an effort to maintain backwards 


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