Notification spec issue: Ability to assign an icon *and* an image to a notification

Aurélien Gâteau aurelien.gateau at
Fri Jun 26 05:35:46 PDT 2009

Olivier Goffart wrote:

>> - Define the "Timeout" key in your knotifyrc file (which no one seems to
>> do[1]) then you get a static timeout in seconds. My understanding is
>> that if you use KNotification::CloseOnTimeout together with this key,
>> then the notification will be closed in 6 seconds even if "Timeout" is
>> set to a higher value (haven't tried it though).
> This can be done in addition, and it is only for the visual notification, and 
> it was done for some particular use case in the past i do not remember why.
> But this is an exception anyway.
>> Since the "Timeout" key is virtually unused, we could fix this by having
>> KNotificationManager tell KNotify whether the notification is persistent
>> or not. KNotify would translate this to a notification spec timeout:
>> Persistent => 0, CloseOnTimeout => -1.
> Not -1.   Just say only persistent. And knotify takes care of the timeout.
> Remember that only knotify knows when to close the notification. The 
> notification may have others presentations that the visual one.

For notifications which are handled by knotify, knotify knows when to
close the notification.

For notifications which are passed by knotify to the spec
implementation, knotify should translate whether it is a Persistent or
CloseOnTimeout into a timeout which can be understood by the spec.
That's why I suggest translating Persistent to 0, which means infinite
and CloseOnTimeout to -1, which means let the implementation decide (i
could also be translated to 6, to mimic the existing timeout).

>>> I am not sure the image can still possibly works on kde with this patch.
>> I do not understand what you mean.
> The format of the image which is sent is not the same as the image wich is 
> received.
> Or I misread the patch.

Oh, you are right. I adapted the decoder to be able to understand the
image format from the spec, but forgot to update the knotify sender
accordingly. Will fix this.


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