Notification spec issue: Ability to assign an icon *and* an image to a notification

Jeff Mitchell mitchell at
Fri Jun 26 07:24:07 PDT 2009

Christian Hammond wrote:
> It originally was hosted on <>. A
> drive failure caused us to lose our repository and I believe much of our
> bug tracker, or something. It's been a while.. but that's why it's
> hosted off-site. I didn't trust <>
> to host it after losing all that data.

If the spec was meant to be on the fd.o standards track, such as it
were, when you moved all your stuff off-site you could at least have
left information pertaining to it on the fd.o  Standards page.
Something along the lines of "A Notifications specification has been
written.  It is hosted externally at, but fd.o/xdg collaboration is

I can appreciate that your intentions moving the information off of fd.o
were pure, but I think you can see how that could give people the wrong
impression (as you are saying is the case).

I would hope that you would realize that just as you are saying people
have been making mistaken assumptions on this thread, you made a mistake
in withdrawing a spec from the community and then publishing it and your
code as if it were a fd.o community-derived and consented specification,
without even a notice on the fd.o wiki page.  If you don't communicate
your motives (which should have been easy given that it's a wiki), you
can't be shocked if people draw the wrong conclusions.

(This, of course, says nothing of the claims that objections to your
spec were routinely ignored.  That's a separate topic.)


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