Notification spec issue: Ability to assign an icon *and* an image to a notification

Lubos Lunak l.lunak at
Fri Jun 26 08:14:15 PDT 2009

On Friday 26 of June 2009, Christian Hammond wrote:
> So I'm sorry to everyone who's pissed at us for "screwing everyone over" as
> I believe someone else in this thread put it. Be sure that our intent was
> not to screw anyone over but to provide a good standard that could work as
> a basis for notifications. Sure, it's not perfect, but show me any spec
> that got everything right the first time. When we wrote this, there was
> little to base this on

 Except for this KDE desktop that had been using something similar for years 
by that time. Which you didn't bother to briefly examine or, after you were 
told, to consider.

> and really this is the first time in many years that 
> I've seen *anybody* complain about this. Maybe people were upset and didn't
> tell me, which is a shame because I would have been glad to work with
> people to do things about this.

 Too bad there is evidence showing otherwise:
- (saying that 
the proposal is not usable for KDE's KNotify)
- - "This 
specification is still not acceptable for KDE on that form."
- - "As the 
example above shows, the spec cannot be in this current form extended to the 
level of KNotify features even by adding KDE-specific extensions."

 These mostly go without answers, or are handled with something along the 
lines of "well, but we don't like it, so no".

 And, my personal favorite , where 
Mike Hearn says "I'd veto adding sound back in for such a reason." , like if 
a fd.o specification was something he was the ultimate owner of.

> However, the way this discussion has gone, 
> and with the interesting view of the history of our project

 My view is that you wanted to have the spec the way you decided and weren't 
really open for input, and there are the archives to show it. That is no way 
to create shared specifications. I assume you had good intentions and I know 
specifications aren't simple to create, but you simply can't go now like you 
did everything properly and are suprised somebody might actually complain.

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