Second Draft of Free Music Player Specifications ready

Jeff Mitchell mitchell at
Wed Nov 4 05:33:51 PST 2009

Tom Haste wrote:
> Howdy,
> Is there anyway of unifying and some-what future-proofing the MP3/Vorbis
> sections? What if some other codec becomes popular and uses some sort of
> other method? Im not entirely savvy in this area, but it would seem like
> something that would be better to have across the board. I guess with
> the current layout additional subsections could be added later.
> TLDR; Lose mp3/vorbis specific bits, change spec to cover both in 1 swoop.

Since you a) didn't bother to read it, and b) don't know what you're
talking about, please refrain from sticking your nose into discussions
where you can contributing nothing useful.


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