Second Draft of Free Music Player Specifications ready

Jeff Mitchell mitchell at
Wed Nov 4 06:21:13 PST 2009

Tom Haste wrote:
>> 2009/11/4 Jeff Mitchell <mitchell at <mailto:mitchell at>>
>>     Tom Haste wrote:
>>     > Sigh. Im going to unsubscribe from the xdg list, as it always
>>     dives into
>>     > snarky comments. Im not going to bother sending this to the list as
>>     > well. All I was simply asking, in a light and querying manner, was if
>>     > the 2 sections could be left out. Instead of informing me (if it was
>>     > such a SIMPLE issue it wouldnt take long to explain) ], you've
>>     gone and
>>     > made a fairly rude comment in a public forum about me and my SIMPLE
>>     > query. Feel free to reply to me and the list if you would like to
>>     > explain in a simple and understanding way that merging the 2 concepts
>>     > into 1 is such a rediculous idea.
>>     >
>>     > But again, refer to my first statement, as I will not be recieving it.
>>     TL;DR
>>     --Jeff
> Let me simplify it for you;
> Fuck you.
> Sincerly,
> Toma.

OK. Since you obviously can't grasp it yourself, I'll provide the

In your original email to the list, you asked if it wouldn't be better
to make a specific change, which you qualified by "Im not entirely savvy
in this area, but it would seem like something that would be better to
have across the board."

No problems there. Totally reasonable thing to ask, especially for
someone not so familiar with the tag specifications as you said you are.

However, those four little letters "TLDR" established you not as a less
experienced person simply asking a question but as a jackass who is
wasting everyone's time by commenting on a spec that he couldn't be
bothered to read that deals with metadata specifications that he already
admitted he's not savvy about.

That you then followed this up with a direct command (no "wouldn't it be
better" or "I suggest" in it) that doesn't actually help or contribute
to the specification (and in fact is flat-out wrong) makes it all the
more irritating.

I've spent a lot of time getting various people together from all sorts
of projects to work on this, as well as spent a lot of time writing the
first two drafts. So excuse me if I ask a jackass (see above) with
nothing to contribute (which will be explained in my response to
Philipp's email) to stay out of the discussion.

"Fuck you" was classy, though. Real classy.


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