Second Draft of Free Music Player Specifications ready

Jeff Mitchell mitchell at
Wed Nov 4 06:26:54 PST 2009

Philipp Wolfer wrote:
> I'm not sure if I understood Tom's comment as it was intended, but I
> see a valid point here:
> In every section 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 there are notes about storing the
> tags as UTF-8 and subsections about storing the tag in ID3 and Vorbis
> Comments. Since those rules should apply for all tags it would be good
> to extract them into a separate Implementation section. This would
> make it easier to extend it to other tagging formats.

This wasn't what Tom was suggesting, but it is indeed a good idea to
consolidate those commonalities into an implementation section. It helps
improve cleanliness, although doesn't really have anything to do with
extending to other tagging formats.

What Tom was suggesting was to remove the bits that cover how to
implement the spec in MP3 and Vorbis and consolidate them in some way
that's not clear. This makes no sense. If the various tags all had
support for this stuff built-in, there'd be no need to even be having
this discussion on finding a workable way to store these values. So you
need to have the spec discuss how to actually implement these values in
the context of what is available with the various tag formats (MP3 using
frame X, Vorbis using normal comments, eventually MP4 using atom Y, and
so on).

The values themselves (and the identifiers) are standardized across the
tag formats, which is the best we can do; but you certainly need to
specify where in each tag format to store them.


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