Screenshot key

Lasse Kärkkäinen ljkarkk2 at
Mon Aug 2 08:06:59 PDT 2010

On 02.08.2010 16:19, Thiago Macieira wrote:
> On Monday 2. August 2010 04.25.13 Andre Majorel wrote:
>> Is there a standard for which key is bound to the screenshot
>> function in an X application ?
> No, but some desktop environments bind the PrintScreen key to the
> screenshotting functionality or launching of an application that does
> screenshotting.
> Individual X applications don't usually do screenshots by themselves.
Games normally use either F11 or F12 but since F11 is the full screen 
toggle in many application programs (and less often also in games), it 
would seem that F12 is better. The PrintScreen key cannot be used 
precisely because desktop environments often reserve it for their own 
screenshot applications.

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