Mouse wheel, scrolling and zooming

Andre Majorel aym-11x at
Thu Aug 26 23:00:55 PDT 2010

On 2010-08-24 14:57 +0100, Calum Benson wrote:
> On 2 Aug 2010, at 08:35, Andre Majorel wrote:
> > What would you use in an application to scroll in two dimensions
> > and zoom in/out with the mouse wheel ?
> FWIW, the GNOME Human Interface Guidelines recommends:
> * Ctrl+scrollwheel-up should zoom into the window or control
> under the mouse pointer, and Ctrl+scrollwheel-down should zoom
> out. Zooming in this way should not move keyboard focus to the
> window or control being zoomed.
> They have no current recommendation for horizontal scrolling.

Thanks. I've since discovered a non-KDE application that uses
[alt]-[wheel] for horizontal scrolling ; Battle for Wesnoth. I
don't think it uses a toolkit, it's an SDL app.

Maybe [alt]-[wheel] is standard on other platforms ?

André Majorel

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