Proposing the StatusNotifier specification

Vincent Untz vuntz at
Thu Jan 14 11:02:24 PST 2010

Le jeudi 14 janvier 2010, à 13:02 +0100, Marco Martin a écrit :
> > I am wondering if we need some event timestamps for the methods on
> > org.freedesktop.StatusNotifierItem? Window managers that does focus
> > stealing prevention will not allow apps to focus windows at whatever
> > times suits them without a valid event timestamp. This goes for
> > Metacity atleast, perhaps also Mutter...
> is it someting for the dbus protocol?
> Shouldn't be something more for the client library, to take care raising the 
> window with the timestamp of when the activate signal arrived? (as opposed to 
> when the signal originated, that would add complexity to the dbus protocol)

The timestamp is about the last user-generated event, so "when the
activate signal arrived" is wrong.

(no idea if the timestamp is needed -- a closer look to the spec would
be needed)


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