Proposing the StatusNotifier specification

Mikkel Kamstrup Erlandsen mikkel.kamstrup at
Thu Jan 14 12:12:49 PST 2010

2009/12/17 Aurélien Gâteau <aurelien.gateau at>:
> Hi,
> A few months ago, Marco Martin proposed a new specification to
> [1] (at this time it was named NotificationItem, it has
> since then be renamed to StatusNotifier to avoid confusion with the
> existing Notification spec).
> The goal of this specification is to replace the old x-embed protocol
> used by applications to export icons in the system tray/notification
> area. The new specification presents a number of advantages, quoting Marco:
> """
> The new protocol is based upon D-Bus, and separates the presentation
> of the items from the logic, in our case the painting is completely
> controlled by Plasma and the applications registers via D-bus (with a
> small clien library shared across KDE) to a central server, while
> there can be zero or more instances of the systemtray.
> if either the serve or no instances of systemtrays that supports this
> protocol are registered the system will fall back using the old
> systray specification.
> """
> The latest version of the specification can be found here:
> This specification is already implemented by KDE in kdelibs [2] and
> Canonical is working on an implementation for GNOME, libappindicator [3].
> We believe the specification is a significant improvement over the
> x-embed protocol and is now mature enough to be accepted as a
> specification.
> Having the specification accepted now would make it possible for both
> implementations to switch to the "org.freedesktop" DBus namespace now,
> thus simplifying code because there would be no need to register two names.

I am unsure how to read the Properties section of fx.
Are we talking about properties available via an
org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties interface, or ?

Perhaps it's just my browser settings, but I also find it a bit hard
to decipher because the subsection, like
"org.freedesktop.StatusNotifierItem.WindowId", only have a very
slightly bigger font than the sub-sub-headers, eg. "UINT32
org.freedesktop.StatusNotifierItem.WindowId  ();".


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