[ANN] libTISCH 1.1.0 (with XInput 2 support)

Florian Echtler floe at butterbrot.org
Wed Jul 28 11:21:39 PDT 2010

Hello everyone,

I'd like to make a short announcement - I've recently published the 1.1
release of libTISCH, our multitouch development platform. Source code is
available at http://sf.net/projects/tisch/ while PPA packages for Ubuntu
10.04 & 9.10 are at https://launchpad.net/~floe/+archive/libtisch .

I'm posting this here because libTISCH is, to the best of my knowledge,
one of the very first GUI development libraries to natively support
XInput 2 and therefore input with multiple mice. You do need a patched
version of FreeGLUT for this to work, but I've provided suitable binary
packages in the PPA. The patch itself is part of the source distribution
and is also available directly on the SF.net site.

If you manage to spare some minutes and give libTISCH a try, I'd be glad
to hear about your opinions.


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