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Tue Mar 2 06:16:12 PST 2010

(Basenames, Capabilities). We will not define special keys just to
not have to interpret a wildcard, do we ?

I'd rather propose to specify that a) wildcard are not regexp, and
b) wildcard character '*' is only interpreted when being a whole part
 of the value:
e.g. for mime types, the wildcard character must only be a toplevel
media type, and/or a subtype. We don't want accept e.g. "ima*/*"!
For basenames, it would only be the part before the dot, and/or the
part after. This way, I fell the implementation will be more easy
and less costly ?

Last, from an action creator point of view, mimetypes like "*/*xml*"
or "*/*+xml" would not be useless.... So neither MimeTypeGroups
nor my above proposition actually solve the point :(

> Ah, this is what the [...] in Profiles is about?

I feel I have to write some examples ;-)

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